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Toolless Connectors

The NEW TOOLLESS CONNECTORS with toolless fast connection are available in all categories for installation both on patch panels and in the workstation. A perfect connection can be obtained in a few seconds, guaranteeing optimum performance
of the link from the patch panel to the workstation. They are colour-coded so their category can be safely identified: Cat. 5e: grey, Cat. 6: blue, Cat. 6 A: yellow, Cat. 8: aqua.

Cat. 8 STP CONNECTORS with transmission speed (bit rate) from 25 Gbps to 40 Gbps are integral to the performance of the new LCS3 system.

  • In accordance with ISO/IEC 11801  standard – third edition
  • Tested up to 2500 connection/disconnection cycles
  • A perfect connection in just a few seconds

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