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KNX Building Automation System

Today KNX is the world standard, open and compliant with the main European and international regulations, for automatic and decentralised management of technological systems in a wide range of situations: commercial buildings, industry, offices, private homes, public establishments, and many more.

Recognised by ISO/IEC 14543-3-x as international standard for the system technique of buildings and homes, Konnex, KNX satisfies the requirements of the two European standards CENELEC EN50090 and CEN EN 13321-1.

The BTicino/Legrand offer answers the specific needs of the service building thanks to its complete and high-performing solutions which can guarantee its customers an optimum, flexible and open system.

Technical features:

  • Optimum control: the control is enriched with many possibilities: comfort of lighting, room scenarios, combination of various functions… Discover the KNX offer which combines performance, appearance and comfort for an optimum and complete answer to your customers’ needs;
  • Simplified installation: mounted in the false ceiling or in the cabinet, the controllers simplify the wiring and can control all the types of load;
  • Flexible, reliable and consistent configuration: good system operation is guaranteed by the ETS5 software, the only tool which allows all the KNX devices to benefit from a powerful and shared configuration method.

The specific Konnex configuration remote control can be used to manage the sensor operation parameters and modify them quickly. This allow you to interrogate, display and edit the parameters.

Supervision software
Any system, from the simplest to the most complex, can be controlled and supervised with the supervision software, with maximum ease.


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