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A new roadmap for 2019-2021


Legrand defines and manages its CSR strategy via multi-year roadmaps. These CSR roadmaps are based on the priority CSR challenges and their measurement indicators. The current roadmap, which covers the period from 2019-2021, is Legrand’s 4th CSR roadmap. It reasserts the Group’s commitment to the sustainable development of its activities while presenting significant progress and ambitions compared to the previous roadmaps.

This 4th roadmap is based on a materiality assessment conducted internationally for the first time.

For better agility and reactivity, the 2019-2021 roadmap covers a period of three years. The 22 numerical targets are calculated with respect to the level achieved at the end of 2018, and are intended to be reached by the end of 2021. The annual tracking of indicators related to these priorities provides a measure of Legrand’s CSR performance.

The 2019-2021 roadmap contributes even more strongly to value creation by the Group and participates fully in its integrated performance.

In addition, Legrand has set ambitious targets for 2030: raising the share of its sales generated with sustainable products, increasing the number of women in the Group’s management positions and reducing the carbon footprint of its activities.

3 targets for 2030


The 2019-2021 roadmap confirms Legrand’s ambition to pursue its sustainable growth model, while also including longer-term goals for the first time. The Group thus looks ahead to 2030 with a target for each focal area.

Business ecosystem

By 2030, Legrand’s target is to ensure that the Group’s sustainable revenue, i.e. revenue generated by eco-designed solutions, which improve the comfort and living conditions of users, makes up 80% of its turnover.


By 2030, Legrand has set a target of reaching male/female parity among its employees, with at least one third of top management jobs occupied by women.


By 2030, Legrand is committed to reducing by 30% the greenhouse gas emissions linked to its energy consumption.

Our Local CSR


Since early last year, Bticino Philippines, proposed an electrification project called “A LIGHT OF HOPE” for Sitio Inigan, Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal. Situated in the mountanous province of Rizal with around 400 inhabitants composed of 95 families, Sitio Iniganhave no access to electricity until now.

As part of the Legrand commitment to promote access to electricity for all, Bticino Philippines in coordination with Electriciens Sans Frontieres proposed this electrification project for Sitio Inigan community inclding the Inigan Elementary School.


In appreciation to the partnership of Bticino Philippines to the campaign of GMA Kapuso Foundation to provide shelter to the victims of super typhoon YOLANDA in 2013 that strongly hit and devastated the Visayas region, the Taclobanm City in particular. the GMA Kapuso Foundation names one of the street in the Kapuso Village in Brgy 106, New Kawayan, Taclobna City. The 403 units houses furnished compete with the basic home appliance were turnover to the families and recipients from Tacloban City lasy May 25, 2015.

Bticino Philippines continue to support this endeavor of the GMA Kapuso Foundation including the School Rehabilitation Program of the foundation for the calamity affected areas in the country.


Ethical behaviour is one of the Legrand Group’s fundamental values and it reflects how the Group views and approaches its business.

Legrand is committed to preventing corruption and fraud and to observing the rules of fair competition. The Group also organises itself to avoid Conflicts of Interest, to avoid conducting business with countries subject to embargoes, to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorism.



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